What do our residents have to say?

Who’s the best to tell you about life at Mirador? The people living here, of course. Check out what they have to say below. Better yet, come for a visit and hear it all straight from the horse’s mouth.

  • We moved to Mirador for the continuum of care plan but when we moved here we found our home! Moving here has improved our lives and we have made many, many more friends that have evolved into our family.

    Bob and Carolyn Loe, Independent Living Residents

  • It’s like living on a cruise ship! They have a place for you to fit in, whatever is happening. And, we’ve met such interesting people.

    Our advice – come early! If you come in and get sick immediately, you don’t get to enjoy what’s provided… and we think you live longer here, we really do. You have a lot of role models for growing older here and they stay really active.

    Carol and Charles Lucas, Independent Living Residents