Deborah Nugent

Executive Director

Deborah got her start in healthcare 1989 with a variety of experiences and positions that have collectively given her an eye for quality, a passion for advocacy and a drive for excellence.  She brought her expertise to Mirador when it opened its doors in 2011 as Healthcare Administrator. Her leadership in the role led the team to win multiple awards and consistently hold a 5-Star rating for quality care. Since that time, she has been promoted to Executive Director where her talents are well matched for the oversight of the community as a whole. As a Corpus Christi native, she is also compelled to serve on local as well as state boards and committees who are seeking to make a difference in the lives of seniors. Deborah attended Del Mar College and graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station.

Joshua Lawrence

Healthcare Administrator

Joshua Lawrence started his career in healthcare over 15 years ago holding a host of various positions along the way. He joined the Mirador team as Healthcare Administrator in 2019 and has consistently led the team to maintain a 5-Star rating for quality of care in Skilled Nursing each year since. Lawrence’s expertise includes driving the team towards The Eden Alternative culture which celebrates growth despite age and places the elder at the center of decision making.  

Trisha Rodriguez

HR Manager

Since joining the team in 2016, Trisha has been an incredible asset to the recruiting and retention efforts of the community.  She feels most satisfied in her work when she connects a team member to a career path that brings true fulfillment. She believes that work should be fun which is why you’ll often hear laughter coming from her office.  She is a source of joy for the community and an asset to our employees.

Vanessa Hancock

Sales & Marketing Director

As Sales and Marketing Director, Vanessa is likely to be one of the first people you meet when coming to Mirador.  With an extensive senior living sales background, and serving at Mirador since 2011, she serves as a tremendous resource for anyone who is actively considering community life. She guides prospective residents through the process with transparency and integrity.  Hancock explained, “Mirador is a place that feels like home to me. I am so grateful that my job is sharing Mirador with others so they can also call it home.”

Roy Saenz

Operations Manager

Roy is a Corpus Christi native with decades of experience managing physical plant operations. Roy joined the Mirador team in 2014 bringing great expertise and excellence to the role. Whether he is overseeing a major construction project, a landscaping job or picking up the paintbrush himself, one thing is for sure, you will always find a smile on his face.  It is Roy’s friendly spirit and can-do attitude that makes Roy a great leader for our service teams and what makes him a resident favorite.

Lacy Shirley

Director of Nursing

Lacy joined the Mirador team in 2018 after working in senior living for almost 3 decades.  With early beginnings as a CNA, she learned early on that working with older adults was the perfect match for her skills and passions.  With a career path mapped out, she continued to grow professionally obtaining her LVN, then RN degree.  Now, serving as Mirador’s Director of Nursing, Lacy explains that in all of her experiences in the industry, Mirador stands alone as an extra special place, “Mirador has a deep sense of family, we genuinely care about and take care of each other.”

Tiffany Williams

Assisted Living Manger

Joining the team in 2012, Tiffany brought a big dose of sunshine to Mirador.  She began working in Skilled Nursing in various roles before later transitioning to the Assisted Living Manger role.  With over 15 years of senior living specific experience and a deeply compassionate personality, Tiffany is a well-rounded leader with a passion to fill each day with meaning for the residents.  

Vasti Escochea

Senior Living Sales Counselor

Vasti’s talent and passion have never gone unnoticed since she joined the team in 2015.  Since that time she has been promoted three times, eventually landing in the Marketing Department as a Senior Living Sales Counselor. In this role, she compassionately walks alongside families who are seeking care solutions for their loved one. Eschochea explained, “Coming to Mirador is like joining a family. I am so honored to be one of the first people new residents meet. I love welcoming them into our big extended family.”

Ingrid Barrios

Admissions Coordinator

Ingrid’s career with Mirador began in June 2011 holding various roles before being promoted to Admissions Coordinator in 2021.  In her role, she coordinates the admissions and discharges from the Skilled Nursing Neighborhood.  Her expertise and attention to detail make the process smooth and simple.  Barrios explains that she feels the best compensation for her work is the smiles that she sees each day from the elders and their families.  She explained, “I can’t put a price on it. It is one of the most gratifying experiences, and it never ceases to amaze me how the smallest thing goes a long way to make someone’s day. Like laughter, smiling is contagious!”  

Jonina Soliz

Executive Assistant

Jonina joined the team in 2011 initially serving as a concierge and Marketing Assistant before being promoted to Executive Assistant in 2019. Jonina has a heart for helping others which happens to be what she says is her favorite part of her job.  She explains, “I am so thankful to work at Mirador.  The residents are like family to us and we are like family to them. They welcome us into their homes and we are honored to help them in any way that we can.”

Ely Rhea

Life Enrichment Director

Ely’s passion for serving seniors began when she held an internship in 2015 while obtaining her Master’s Degree in Narrative and Social Change with Claremont School of Theology. She jumped into the senior living field and never looked back, eventually joining the Mirador team in 2019.  Her passion stems from a belief that people should experience the fullness of life despite age or ability. What may appear on paper as a diverse collection of activities and offerings on the calendar each month are actually opportunities that Rhea hopes will nurture connection and fulfillment.  

Hannah Paraboschi

Dining Service Manager

Hannah has spent over 25 years collecting experience in the culinary service industry.  She even worked as an Executive Chef for eight years before getting into the management side of the kitchen.  Her passion for culinary arts is evident when you get to know Hannah but her love for serving Mirador residents has proven to be her favorite part of her job.    

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