A good life plan starts with Life Care.

So, you might be asking yourself, “What is Life Care?” Well, simply put, it’s our way of helping you plan and manage the costs for your health, family and estate. We made Life Care simple, secure and predictable, so you‘ll know exactly what to expect should your needs ever change.



Sherri loves being active. So, she’s really happy taking full advantage of the Mirador lifestyle. She’d much rather spend her time doing the things she enjoys than thinking about long-term health costs that could crop up someday. All she really wants to know is that the health services she might one day need will be there waiting for her when she needs them, and she won’t be hit with any surprising costs.


Sherri knows that if she ever needs to move into a skilled nursing suite, her monthly fee will be modified only slightly to a figure that’s the average of all Independent Living monthly fees. Before she moved to Mirador, she did the math and discovered that paying for Skilled Nursing without Life Care would be much more than her rates with Life Care. “I’ll save thousands and thousands!” she realized. “Plus, my estate gets back most of my entrance deposit when I leave Mirador.” This made her choice easy: She chose Life Care at Mirador.”


Before coming to Mirador, Susan and Richard thought about staying in their existing home. But after discussing what would happen if one of them needed long-term health care while keeping their current home- they decided that it didn’t make financial sense. This is when they heard about Life Care at Mirador. They found out that if they ever needed Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing or Memory Support, it would just be a short walk away. Plus, the costs would be much more manageable too – only rising slightly to a figure that’s the average of all Independent Living monthly fees. So now they won’t have to face the costs of homeownership in addition to the costs of long-term health care. “That’s what I call being prepared,” Susan says, who likes to plan. “Yup, and it could save us a ton” agrees Richard, who likes bargains.


They live at Mirador and they’ve got Life Care too. That means they’ve planned well and made sure they’re protected against the rising costs of long-term health care — just in case.



Life Care. It’s care the way you want it.

Find out more about Life Care and how it can help you manage the costs of long-term care.

Life Care FAQs

Call it the best of both worlds. Your refundable entrance deposit will make living here feel like a safe investment – much like owning your own home. But on the other hand, because maintenance is provided, you’ll discover the simple joy of maintenance-provided living, where you phone, and we strap on our tool belt and come runnin’. Mirador owns and maintains the property, and you reside there as long as you can live independently. Plus, because you aren’t the homeowner, you won’t pay property taxes or property insurance.

Your entrance deposit will be competitive with Coastal Bend home values. There is more than one Life Care plan, and depending on the plan you select, your entrance deposit will be largely refundable when you leave. Sound like estate protection? It is.

Your monthly service fee will be competitive with those at other communities in the Coastal Bend area. The fee is determined by the apartment home you choose. What’s more, a portion of your monthly service fee may be tax-deductible as a medical expense – we’ll give you the amount, and you can check with your tax advisor.

We’ve never evicted a resident for nonpayment due to no fault of their own (long life isn’t a fault), and we don’t intend to start now. You’re welcome to call us to discuss how we’ve handled this in the past. We’ll explain how our Benevolent Care Program, which is supported by contributions from residents and others, can support those residents whose financial resources become depleted.