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Funds do sometimes run out Residents do sometimes run out of funds unexpectedly from under a resident, through no fault of their own. When that happens, you can imagine how it’s natural for an older person to become anxious and fearful about the future. But With your gift to the Benevolent Care fund (below), we can ensure their a residents’ ongoing needs are met and keep them secure in their home.

Other Ways to Give

In addition to Benevolent Care to the funds below, you can establish a memorial fund in honor of a loved one or make a gift directly to Mirador, or connect with the leadership team to learn more about our residents greatest needs.

Wellness The Mirador
  • Benevolent Care — Some residents’ biggest fears are that they won’t be able to afford to continue to live in their home and receive the care they need. Your gift will help a resident remain with us and live with dignity
  • Education — MRC (Methodist Retirement Communities), our parent company, promotes lifelong learning through intergenerational programs including Wisdom for Youth from Senior Expertise (WYSE) that benefits both our residents and high school seniors and juniors. We hope that WYSE can be a breakthrough in connecting high school students with seniors in meaningful ways

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