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 Why I love my job as a Social Worker at Mirador Retirement Community

Why I love my job as a Social Worker at Mirador Retirement Community

Meet Marisela Gonzales, who has served at MRC Mirador as our social worker for over 5 years. She has grown not only as a social worker, but as part of the MRC Family. In honor of Social Worker’s Week, we sat down with Marisela to learn more about her.

Marisela, how did you get your start in social work? 

“I interned at a local medical clinic while receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at Texas A&M University. Myself and other interns would assist patients in applying for pharmaceutical assistance programs designated for qualified low-income individuals. Working with the clinic’s patients and producing positive results started my journey with social work. I then decided to work on my Master of Social Work at University of Texas. I have been working in social work ever since… for 18 years!” 

Mirador is Corpus Christi’s only not-for-profit CCRC, which translates to a higher level of resident happiness. As a not-for-profit, Mirador draws employees who are driven and passionate about creating a positive culture. The “not-for-profit” title can mean a better experience. Social Workers are an irreplaceable part of rehabilitation and long-term care! 

What does your usual workday look like, Marisela?

“On a typical day at Mirador, I work with residents, families and the Skilled Nursing team to develop a plan of care that meets the social and emotional needs of each resident. I participate in the development and implementation of social care plans and resident assessments. I also assist residents and family members with discharge planning. 

“I believe that one of the most important parts of the job is ensuring a safe and proper discharge for residents returning to the community.”    

Mirador’s Skilled Nursing and Rehab community is set apart from others because of our experienced team.  

What are some of your favorite aspects of the Mirador team?

“The Skilled Nursing team works together to solve problems. Our team members are always ready to follow up on concerns, which makes a huge difference in the lives of our residents and family members.

“There are many benefits of coming to a Skilled Nursing community after surgery instead of returning home.  A resident will receive attention to medical needs, assistance with activities of daily living, and will receive rehabilitation services.  Rehab will assist with physical, occupational and speech therapy to support a resident in returning to his/her prior level of function.”    

Mirador employees possess a high level of compassion and accountability, leading to a high standard of services, programming, activities, housing and care.

“My favorite qualities of Mirador staff are that they show compassion and accountability towards our residents.  During our recent freezing weather, staff went without power and water at their own homes, but continued to show up to care for our residents.  This shows the dedication, compassion, and accountability of Mirador’s staff.”

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