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Unlocking the Secret to Longevity

Unlocking the Secret to Longevity

At Min Corpus Christi,103-year-old George Newgarden is still looking for his next adventure. The World War II Veteran and avid bridge player has never shied away from the opportunity to serve. That’s why when he was approached by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine about partaking in a study on aging, he didn’t hesitate. "I’d never heard of them,” he laughed. “But the opportunity to help them understand aging and longevity a little better was too good to pass up.” Ely Rhea, Lifestyles and Wellness Director at Mirador, explained that the study will help scientists understand more about healthy aging, something they promote heavily in the community.

 “Our staff helped George setup all the equipment for his virtual appointment with the researchers,” said Rhea. “He’s continuing to make a difference for future generations, right from our dining room!” Newgarden said the study included some very interesting questions, even asking for details about how much pineapple juice he drinks. "I’d never really thought about it,” he laughed. The study is focused unlearning more about the relationship between aging and lifestyle choices, such as

 For his part, George said he thinks his longevity has been a combination of “good genes” and staying active both physically and mentally, while also making good nutritional choices when possible. “Staying active, exercising both mind and body, are part of what makes a community like Mirador such a great choice,” expressed Rhea.

Newgarden is pictured in his formal Air Force uniform.

Written by Jeff Bell

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