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Taking the Show on the Road

Taking the Show on the Road

In 2015, a resident led committee gathered to discuss raising funds to present well-deserving staff with scholarships to pursue their careers without the barrier of finances. Since that time, over 35 Mirador staff members have benefited from this resident driven program as scholarship recipients.

Other MRC residents across the state heard about this program, peaking their curiosity, so they invited this vivacious crew of go-getters to present how they got started so that others could replicate the process. The group consisted of resident committee members, Sally Rausch, Aubrey Bridges, Dottie Hogue, Pat Schotland and Nancy Small.

Soon, a road trip was underway with Deborah Nugent,    Mirador’s Executive Director, behind the wheel and Trisha Rodriguez, Mirador’s HR Manager, riding shotgun with stops planned along the way at several sister communities to share the secrets to their success.  

“It was so great to have this group of innovators come and inspire us with their generosity and shine a light on the value of education for young people today along with the crippling cost. It was especially inspiring to consider the staff who have seen tremendous career growth because of their gift,” explained The Crossings Executive Director, Greg Rossi.

One MRC Community, The Langford in College Station, has already rallied their resident council behind this effort since the presentation, raising over $19,000 and issuing 6 scholarships so far.

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