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Nurturing Faith Beyond the Church Walls

Nurturing Faith Beyond the Church Walls

Resident finds their spiritual needs nurtured within a faith-based retirement community.

Attending church has always been a very critical part of Shirley Moore’s lifestyle. It was this weekly routine that kept her well connected to others in her faith community as well as refreshing her soul through worship and fellowship. Not only was participating in her local church at Second Baptist Church a part of her routine, but it was key to living an abundant, faith filled life. Like many seniors, Shirley’s needs began to change. Soon, it became clear that she needed more support for her day to day routine. Shirley now lives in Memory Care at MRC Mirador in Corpus Christi where she gets the support that she needs to thrive. Meanwhile, her family has the peace of mind that Shirley is safe and happy.

While many of Shirley’s needs changed, her spiritual needs did not. The hymns, prayers and scripture that fed her soul from an early age continued to be a source of joy for her faith and overall wellness. For Shirley, her inability to attend church in the traditional way didn’t prove to be a barrier to her spiritual needs being met. By choosing to live in a faith-based retirement community, Shirley finds that the weekly church services provided in her home at MRC Mirador meets her needs right where she is at. Shirley’s faith is nurtured beyond the traditional church walls because faith-based retirement communities like MRC Mirador uniquely tune into the spiritual needs of the residents alongside the physical, intellectual, and social needs. They then build customized programing to ensure that these needs are prioritized for each individual. Shirley’s son, Mr. Dana Moore explained, “Being faith-based has added value to Mirador which other retirement communities may not necessarily offer.” While Shirley’s routine may have changed, her faith has remained immovable. Encouragement for circumstances like Shirley’s come from scripture as Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three are gathering in my name, there am I with them.” Along the way, Shirley has experienced firsthand the full significance of this promise as she learns to nurture her faith beyond the church walls.

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