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Mirador Resident Scholarship Committee Presents at LeadingAge Texas

Mirador Resident Scholarship Committee Presents at LeadingAge Texas

From left to right: Alan Brown, Trisha Rodriguez, Deborah Nugent, Aubrey Bridges, Sally Rausch, Mary Pierce, Dottie Hogue, Pat Schotland, and Butch Robinson  

The residents of Mirador began their journey almost ten years ago when the vision was initially cast to create a scholarship fund for staff members who were pursuing higher education. Over this period of time, the group has issued 73 scholarships, which totals $128,408 to date. With such tremendous success and know-how under their belt, the group was urged to share their methods with other MRC communities in 2021 and 2022, prompting the group to create a presentation to take on the road. Due to their influence, there are now three other MRC communities offering this resident driven program to their staff.

The call for their expertise has now expanded beyond the walls of MRC with a special invitation to give their presentation at the annual LeadingAge Texas conference with over 1,000 non-profit senior living providers in   attendance from all over the state. The group hosted a breakout session for attendees where they could ask      questions about getting a program started at their community. Deborah Nugent, Executive Director, was along for the journey and introduced each of the residents saying, “We learned that they are making history as the first resident committee to ever present at the event.” This is an impressive distinction because the conference has met annually for many decades. Following their impressive presentation, the group was asked to present virtually to a national LeadingAge audience of senior living providers across the country.

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