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Keeping Your Health "In-Line"- The Many Health Benefits of Line Dancing

Keeping Your Health "In-Line"- The Many Health Benefits of Line Dancing

It’s no secret that exercise is a critical part of keeping your health in line; however, not all exercise is created equal. While some routines focus primarily on cardiovascular health, weight management, muscular strength, or balance, the seniors at Mirador have discovered an activity that captures all of these benefits and more...line dancing!  

Each week, Jenny Mohundro leads a line dancing class, drawing a crowd of eager participants. Mohundro loved line dancing and launched the group hoping it would catch on. seven years later and it’s fair to say...it did!

Experts say the key to reaping the benefits of any exercise routine is engaging in the activity with some level of consistency. Attending one class will likely not produce results, but with repetition over time, the activity begins to yield great outcomes to your health.

The residents at Mirador have cracked the code on this struggle because line dancing at Mirador is more than a workout, it has also become a time to enjoy good music and great friends. Adding a little fun has helped overcome the dread often associated with working out, making the participants more likely to keep it up over a long period of time, even looking forward to attending each week.

The bottom line is line dancing is FUN! The residents enjoy listening to familiar tunes while they move their body to the beat. It is common to hear George Strait echoing into the hallway, along with the sound of Jenny calling out the steps in rhythm. In Texas, this is like drawing moths to a flame. Other residents and staff often peek in on the class and rarely slip away without tapping their toes for a moment or two.

If you are looking to keep your health in line, look no further than line dancing!

 Top Health Benefits of Line Dancing

¨ Improved cardiovascular health

¨ Reduction in high blood pressure

¨ Reduction in high cholesterol

¨ Increased lung capacity

¨ Improved coordination

¨ Weight management

¨ Improved strength

¨ Improved flexibility

¨ Increased bone strength

¨ Improved mood


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