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How to prepare for a visit to MRC Mirador

How to prepare for a visit to MRC Mirador


Visiting Independent Living:

·        Where to enter: Main Entrance

·       What to expect: Each guest will be screened and must wear a mask when inside the community.


Visiting Assisted Living, Memory Support or Skilled Nursing:

Beginning Monday, 06/03/2021Mirador will now offer these types of visits:

·        Essential Visits

·        Personal Visits

·        End of Life Visits- Contact our team directly to learn more about the protocol


Ø All guests must pass the screening and temperature check at the screening station, and wear a medical grade mask (surgical or N95) upon entry. If you are fully vaccinated, and your loved one is fully vaccinated, you may remove your mask inside the resident’s apartment only. We will not ask you to provide your vaccination status. If you do not comply, you may be asked to leave.

Ø There is no longer a requirement for visitors to be Covid-19 tested or show proof of being Covid-19 negative.

Ø  Scheduling visitation is no longer necessary.

Ø  Dining with resident’s in the Dining Room is still prohibited.


Essential Visitors:

• Essential Visitors must have completed the required training and Essential Visitor contract PRIOR to the first visit.

• Visits are limited to 2visitors at any given time.

• Essential Visitors must be 18years or older.

• These visits are permitted outdoors and in the resident’s room.

Essential visitors do not have to maintain social distancing during their visit and may have close and personal contact with the resident. The essential visitor must comply with wearing the same personal protective equipment (PPE) as the staff wear upon entry, and if both the visitor and resident are fully vaccinated, may remove their masks inside the resident room only.


Personal Visits:

• Personal visits are permitted with Covid-19 negative elders only.

• Personal visits are not restricted to essential caregivers.

• Personal visitors must comply with wearing a surgical face upon entry, and if both the visitor and resident are fully vaccinated, may remove their masks inside the resident room only. Elders must wear a surgical face mask at all times during the visit as tolerated and may choose to have close and personal contact with their visitor.

• Personal visits are restricted to 2 visitors at a time in resident rooms.  Three or more personal visitors can be accommodated in outdoor spaces, where masks will be required.

• There is no age restriction to personal visitors, however, all visitors must be able to wear a surgical mask for the whole visit and comply with social distancing. Guests bringing children must ensure they are able to comply with these requirements or you maybe asked to leave.




•During your visit, you will be restricted to the designated visitation area only and maintain social distancing with yourself and others.  

•Wearing a mask and performing hand hygiene is required regardless of the type of visit or your vaccination status. If you refuse to wear a mask, or dispute the requirement, you will be asked to leave the community.

•Only the Administrator, Joshua Lawrence, (361) 563-6258 can approve any form of visit for a special circumstance that is outside of the above parameters.


*All visitation is subject to change.

*Additional information is available for End of Life visitation.  


 Thank you,


Joshua Lawrence

Healthcare Administrator

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