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How I Purchased Peace of Mind

How I Purchased Peace of Mind

Melvin and I sold our large family home in the country and moved to Mirador Independent Living with a LifeCare agreement. We were so glad to be free of home repairs and upkeep, mowing over an acre of lawn, and paying property taxes. At Mirador we enjoyed chef prepared meals, housekeeping services, and all kinds of activities and events. We made many new friends and rekindled some older friendships at Mirador. As Melvin began to decline, I lovingly became his caregiver until my family saw the physical toll it was taking on me. We then admitted Melvin to Healthcare and I became his wife and sweetheart again and the skilled Mirador staff took over the caregiving.

For over four years we shared meals and activities and special occasions with family members at Mirador. Fortunately, with our LifeCare agreement, Melvin enjoyed a private room in skilled nursing for a fraction of the cost of any skilled nursing setting in the Corpus Christi area. When Melvin passed away last December, we held a beautiful service for him here at Mirador. Family, lifelong friends, and our Mirador family all attended and shared their support. My Mirador friends have surrounded me and supported me through this difficult time. I am so grateful we took the leap and moved into Mirador. This experience has improved our quality of life, saved us the typical healthcare expenses, and supported us in ways we could not have predicted.

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