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Get to know your MRC Mirador marketing team

Get to know your MRC Mirador marketing team

Get to know your MRC Mirador Marketing Team

What brought you to Mirador?

Vanessa Hancock, Sales & Marketing Director, has been here since the opening of Mirador.

Vanessa: I was recommended for the Healthcare Sales Director position prior to Mirador opening in 2011. I researched the company and there was nothing like Mirador in Corpus Christi offering such an innovative way to live out the retirement years and secure the financial future for residents in their later years. I was also excited to be a part of an organization that could offer premium quality care to our local community… I’m so happy that this opportunity was offered to me and it’s been a blessing to serve so many fabulous people.

Kaylee Riley joined the Mirador family in January of 2020 as a Senior Living Counselor. She felt working at Mirador was a natural next-step in her career, and she’s proven to be a valuable asset to our community in such a short period of time.

Kaylee: I had been working at a skilled nursing facility in Rockport and knew I wanted to continue to work with seniors. Mirador opened a perfect opportunity for me to continue to learn while working in a field I am passionate about.

Why have you continued working with the senior population for so long?

Kaylee: Seniors are great! Our residents have a lot more knowledge and life experience than I do. I am lucky I get the opportunity to get to know them and learn from them. Our residents are what makes coming to work fun!

Vanessa: It is a wonderful opportunity that not too many people get to experience. I get to help people improve their lives through the beautiful community living and quality healthcare. It is truly rewarding to be a part of such a big life decision and to witness renewed purpose in many of our residents’ lives.

What is your largest responsibility in your current role?

Kaylee: My biggest responsibility in my role is making sure everyone knows all about Mirador! From physicians and case managers to potential residents, I want the whole community to know our Mission and what makes Mirador the best.

Vanessa: In my current role as the Sales & Marketing Director, I have a responsibility to the team tasked with educating and guiding future residents on the difference that choosing Lifecare at Mirador can make on their present quality of life as well as their future financial health.

How has your current role evolved since you started?

Kaylee: Since starting in January, my role has been evolving as I am starting to understand more and more about Mirador and what our goals are as a marketing team. I am still learning every day and believe my role will continue to evolve throughout my career here.

Vanessa: My focus has always been on improving future residents lives through education, social interaction, and service. In my current role, I now get to educate and lead other wonderful professionals to achieve our mission.

The Marketing Department’s main objective is education.

Educate as many people as possible so that Mirador can act as a resource to our community… to reach as many people as possible in order to let them know the benefits that living at Mirador can offer them or their loved ones.

For Mirador as a whole, success is measured in helping others.

Kaylee: As long as I am helping seniors feel as if they are in a safe environment and connecting them with appropriate resources I feel like I am being successful.

Vanessa: When residents talk about what a difference Mirador has made in their lives by moving here…this is success to me

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