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Getting to know MRC Mirador's Assisted Living Director

Getting to know MRC Mirador's Assisted Living Director

Tiffany Williams has worked in Senior Living for 15+ years and will celebrate her 10th anniversary with MRC Mirador in January 2022. As a young girl, Tiffany enjoyed listening to the stories her mother would tell about the Elders she served as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). As soon as she could, Tiffany followed in her mother’s footsteps and took a job as a home health aide. As Tiffany puts it, “the rest is history!”

During her tenure at Mirador, Tiffany Williams has worn many different hats. She began as a CNA, then worked as a Medication Aide, progressed to CNA Supervisor and later a Unit Clerk. As a Unit Clerk, Tiffany handled many of the administrative responsibilities of The Plaza, including managing patient records and preparing paperwork. This advancement in her career served as great experience for a more recent role at Mirador: Interim Admissions Coordinator and subsequently Assisted Living Manager.

Tiffany is quick on her feet, thoughtful and patient. Her favorite part about serving as Assisted Living Manager is that no two days are the same.

“There’s a new adventure just about every day!” Tiffany Williams said.

Tiffany cares deeply for the Elders that live at Mirador. She recommends The Plaza at Mirador to families who are seeking solutions and a helping hand beyond occasional home health services.

“Home Health is great, but they only get a snap shot. In an in-patient community like Mirador, the little things that may go unnoticed at home are caught and we have a full team including a registered nurse here 24/7 to find solutions to any ailment,” Tiffany said.

“I believe what sets us apart from the rest is our hearts. We genuinely care and it reflects in our work,” Tiffany said in regards to her team.

When not at Mirador, Tiffany enjoys the arts. Whether it’s watching classic movies or reading poetry, she loves spending quality time with her family.

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