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Four Tips to Make Downsizing Easier!

Four Tips to Make Downsizing Easier!

  1. Start early - Moving from a 3,000 square foot home to a 1,500 square foot home might seem out of reach, but it IS possible! Giving yourself several weeks, and going through each room of your home one day at a time will lighten the stress of moving.
  2. Start off small - Closets or the laundry room or even the guest bedroom will help complete the task a lot faster and easier than you think. One room down and checked off your list.
  3. Family time - Having your kids and even your grandkids assist can make the situation lighter on your shoulders. Being able to go through things and talk about the memories you had with some important pieces can make the task a fun one. It’s helpful to have family there to assist with posting items to sell online, or they may even want to take it off your hands themselves!
  4. Only make YES or NO piles – No maybes - A problem we see often is that residents bring too much stuff! Although it may be hard to let go of things that are near and dear to your heart, you’ll end up with a 3rd pile that is bigger than your original two. If it hasn’t been used or touched in a year – GET RID OF IT!

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