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Connecting Generations

Connecting Generations

When resident Idalia Canales heard about Mirador's new friendship with the Antonio E. Garcia Arts & Education Center, family memories came rushing back to her. "That's my uncle!" she told us. "Well, my husband's uncle, but he was really like my uncle too." She recalls the celebrated local artist drawing detailed colored portraits of her three sons, the boys taking turns trying to sit still on a tall stool in the family den. Smaller copies of these portraits hang in her Assisted Living apartment.

 Mirador recently took Mrs. Canales on a special trip to the Garcia Center. Sitting near her uncle's portrait hanging on the wall, she was able tell the staff and children about their center's namesake, with personal little details: "He's skinny in this picture-- earlier in life he had a fuller face. He was a good man. He had two children, a boy and a girl-- my husband's cousins." "He drew each of my boys. Here, let me show you the portraits on my phone." This was a touching example of our elders holding history that just waits to be shared.

According to the museum, Antonio Encarnacion Garcia Sr. was an American artist nicknamed the “Michelangelo of South Texas.” During his career from the 1930s through the 1970s, as his work earned nationwide accolades, he also became one of the region’s top proponents of the fine arts. He helped found the South Texas Art League to increase presence and opportunities for local artists. He became one of the region’s foremost art teachers, teaching generations of artists in Corpus Christi and at workshops around South Texas and Mexico.  
Garcia’s oil painting: Harana 

 Written by Ely Rhea

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