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Chasing the Blue Zone

Chasing the Blue Zone

Twice a month a special group gathers at Mirador, a group united by the goal of longevity, specifically, studying Blue Zones. The Blue Zone concept emerged in 2004 following the research of National Geographic Explorer, Dan Buettner. Buettner and his team studied the practices of those living the longest across the globe. In the process, key behaviors were documented. With this powerful data in hand, Buettner started a movement called the Blue Zone Project that educates those who wish to embrace the recommended lifestyle on the Power 9, principles identified as the key contributors to longevity.

 The group isn’t keeping their new found inspiration a secret, they are inspired to see how each of these principles can be enhanced by the culture and lifestyle at Mirador. “Many of these principles are already in place at Mirador, but the group now sees everything through their Blue Zone eyes, prompting even greater creativity and purpose behind each effort,” shared Deborah Nugent, Mirador’s Executive Director.  

 In 2015, The City of Fort Worth became a Certified Blue Zone Community after the city took strategic action to implement key changes that would create a superior environment for successful aging. The changes have been impressive, out of 190 metro-areas in the country, Fort Worth once ranked 185th in well-being. Since taking the journey to embrace the principles of the Blue Zone Project, the city has leaped to 31st place in only three short years. The group hopes Corpus Christi will also become a certified city in time. For now, they are focused on bringing the Power 9 principles to Mirador to transform the lives of their fellow residents.

 The Power 9

1. Move Naturally – Make movement a habit.

2. Down Shift - Practice successful stress relief.

3. Purpose – Wake up with purpose each day.

4. 80% Rule – Put your fork down once 80% full.

5. Plant Slant – Eat more fruits and veggies.

6. Family First – Prioritize family time.

7. Belong – Belong to a faith-based community.

8. Right Tribe – Surround yourself with support.

9. Friends – Invest in social time with friends.

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