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Best Advice for the New Year!

Best Advice for the New Year!

With the turn of a new year comes the cliché talks of New Year’s Resolutions, catching up with family and friends and how their holidays went, and humbly seeking advice from trusted friends. The halls of MRC Mirador are filled with trusted friends who have tales to tell from their long, fantastic youth. These folks are best equipped to provide solid advice, so please enjoy this list of some of our best advice for the New Year!

1. “Adopt a pet.” –Richard Whatley

Pets can provide a sense of purpose, a routine and keep us moving. In fact, the American Heart Association has found an association between pet ownership and lower blood pressure. Mr. Whatley takes Darling (his sweet Jack Russell Terrier) on walks daily throughout the community, and if you’re lucky, Darling might even let you pet her!

2. Take time to be quiet. –Jenifer Pichinson

“It gives us the power to shift from the surface to a deeper level,” Mrs. Pichinson said.

It’s true – there is a steady stream of stimuli, whether that’s through the television or radio. Making time to rest is crucial to a balanced mind, and the Harvard Business Review knows it. Physiologists and others in the medical field have found ties between silence and a healthy cardiovascular system. The health benefits of a quiet afternoon truly cannot be underestimated!

3. Everything in moderation! –Trudy Kenyon

“Allow me to clarify: maybe not everything.”

Trudy is known for her love of healthy eating, so she wasn’t talking about fruits and veggies or laughter in moderation. We have an abundance of that here at Mirador!

4. Prayer and patience.  –Dr. Joyce Freeman

“That’s all I got!”

We agree, Dr. Freeman, and the science does too. A simple Internet search on the topic will reveal a number of lists and blogs detailing the benefits of patience. The Greater Good Science Center, located at University of California, Berkeley cited a 2007 study, which found a correlation between patience and fewer negative emotions.  

5. Pray, and keep hanging on! –Wanda Shults

Great advice, Mrs. Shults, great advice.

If you ask others around Mirador what their best advice for the New Year is, you would hear a resounding “Move to Mirador!” So, what are you waiting for?

Won’t you come for a visit?

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