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Benefits of Early Placement in a Memory Support Community

Benefits of Early Placement in a Memory Support Community

Making the decision to place a loved one in a memory support community may be the most difficult decision you have ever made. We often make noble promises to family members under the false idea that nursing communities are lonely, stale places where our loved ones receive subpar care. Because the decision and the stigma that comes with it can be so heart-wrenching, families often put it off.

Many families wait until a crisis – an instance of wandering or aggressive behavior, or a fall– before choosing a memory care community. However, studies have shown that having a plan in place, rather than reacting to a crisis, creates a smoother transition for both the person with dementia and for the family. By avoiding the need to make a placement decision in a hurry or under stressful conditions, the transition will be easier for you and your loved one.

Many people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia benefit from the structured environment, consistent socialization and frequent activities of a memory support community like Mirador. We often see instances where the resident becomes noticeably happier, more active and engaged after a move into our community.

Consider these ways that Mirador’s caring team can improve your loved one’s quality of life:

  • Our innovative, research-based array of activities keeps residents active and promotes well-being and socialization.

  • Our dietary manager and chef prepare high quality, tasty meals. Our core menu ensures nutritional needs are met and our residents can count on always having something they enjoy.

  • Our building is carefully designed to allow safety and ease of movement with inviting décor and many common areas that are optimal for dementia care.

  • Our licensed nurses, medication aides, certified nursing assistants and staff are on site 24/7 and are highly trained specifically in memory support.

  • We practice Hand-in-Hand training. This method has been proven as one of the most effective therapies for those who need memory support. Hand-in-Hand training is designed to maximize independence in a dignified and caring setting.

  • Our team creates a personalized care plan for each healthcare resident and stays in constant communication with the families on progress and updates.

  • Our mission-driven staff work from the heart and treat each resident with the patience and respect that we all deserve.

  • Mirador is the only Continuing Care Retirement Community in the area with EarlySense: a sensor that’s placed under the mattresses to alert nurses of changes in body temperature, odd movement in the night, and monitors to make sure that bed-bound residents are turned to prevent bedsores.

Don’t wait. Tour Mirador today to see how your loved one can thrive in our caring, structured environment.

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