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5 Tips for Seniors to Find the Best Value in Each Day

5 Tips for Seniors to Find the Best Value in Each Day

Do you ever look back at your day and think, “what did I even do today”? Do you ever feel the sluggish agony of your days passing by, one by one, with little to no tangible outcome that leaves you feeling fulfilled? Compare that with the familiar feeling of going to bed at night knowing that today mattered and you did something valuable. You see, that’s the difference between counting your days and making your days count. Here’s a few tips to help you make each and every day count!

  1. Keep a gratitude journal!
    Kick off every day with a time of reflection on your many blessings. Write them down and consider penning a prayer of gratitude. Start small and try writing down one new thing each day. At the end of the year, you would have identified 365 things that you are thankful for! Sometimes we all need to reset our thinking when the negative thoughts begin to swarm and a gratitude journal allows you to flip through page after page of your many blessings. It’s like the old hymn says, “Count your blessings- name them one by one! Count your blessings- see what God has done!”
  2. Take control of your time each day!
    We each have a time thief that leaves us searching for the value at the close of our day. What is yours? Too much time watching TV? Sleeping in way too long? Addicted to your mobile phone? Take a long hard look at how you are spending your time each day and reclaim the hours that slip away from you without good cause. Most importantly, establish a routine that makes sense for you and allows you more time to give to more meaningful and fulfilling activities and less energy to your time thief.
  3. Establish goals!
    Start out each day deciding what might make you feel most satisfied by the close of the day. For example, you might start your day establishing a list of goals. Perhaps you are considering sending an encouraging note to all of your closest friends and family, researching more about the items your doctor discussed with you at your last visit and shopping for a birthday gift for a neighbor. Now, prioritize which of these tasks feel most valuable to you and tackle it first. Whatever you don’t accomplish during that day can be carried over to the next day. Make it a habit to accomplish at least one thing on your list each day to ensure satisfaction awaits you.
  4. Be present each day!
    The past holds memories and the future holds possibilities. But does the present hold your attention? Wherever you are, see it, take it in, and enjoy the sights, and experiences that only that season brings. Whoever you are with, see them, hear them, ask them questions. Babies will soon be children, children will soon be adults, adults will soon be elders and elders will soon see the end of their days. Soak in the presence of those who surround you knowing that a changing of seasons is ahead for all. Put down your mobile phones, turn off the televisions, tuck away conversations that divide and just be present with whomever, wherever you are.
  5. No more pity parties!
    How much time in your day are you spending feeling sorry for yourself that you haven’t been called, invited, or visited? Phones work two ways- call them, text them or go by for a visit. Do you often sulk saying that you are bored with nothing to do? Remember that boredom is a choice. Find a hobby, interest or group to join. If you really want your days to count, no more pity parties.
  6. It’s time to stop counting your days and instead make you days count!

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