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5 Things that You'll Never Hear Residents Say in a Senior Living Community

5 Things that You'll Never Hear Residents Say in a Senior Living Community

Wonder what you might hear if you were to walk through the halls of an Independent Living neighborhood in a senior living community? Well, here are five things that you’ll likely never hear.

  • I’m Bored!
    With a variety of life enriching activities to participate in, residents of a senior living community will find that their day will always be filled with new adventures. Field trips to museums, shopping and the arts are an especially fun part of community life. If they have something they want to learn for the first time, now is their chance! Becoming a novice writer, painter or dancer with the many classes or groups that might be offered is now easier than ever. Whether they choose to enjoy a musical performance, get competitive with a card game or get moving in a fitness class, they won’t be short of options. In fact, they may find that they have to schedule down time just to recover from going, going, going. Bored? Not a chance.
  • I’d rather be living with my kids!
    Sorry kids but living with you as a dependent is not this hard working generations idea of “living their best life.” In fact, you might find that your parents are having so much fun in their new home that they need you less and less. Hey, that’s a good thing! They moved into a senior living community because they don’t want to be a burden. They want to retain that parent/child relationship without the complication of care and oversight into the details of their lives. Live with the kids? No thank you.
  • I’m constantly worried about access to future care!
    With priority access to onsite care, residents living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) will have peace of mind that their future is secure should anything ever happen. Whether it’s temporary or long lasting care needs, residents can find security that their care is provided by people that they already know. Additionally, despite their transition to a care neighborhood, everything is under one roof, so they’ll still be right there amongst their circle of friends and never have to miss the weekly bridge game. If life should throw a curve ball, residents of a senior living community have a worry-free plan in place for the future. Worried about future care? All set!
  • I wish I had waited longer before doing this!
    We’ve all heard it said, “Timing is everything!” So true! Many people miss the most optimal time to move into a senior living community by waiting too long. If seniors are waiting for a major loss of mobility, memory or general health to make this move- they are doing it wrong! They should be moving into a community while they are still living fully independently to get the most out of the robust lifestyle that awaits them. Those who move in often comment that they wish they had not waited so long to do this. They eventually grieve the many years that they wasted as they were isolated in their homes, fighting with home maintenance and stuck thinking that “they weren’t ready yet.” Turns out that all along they could have been living amongst friends having the best time of their life. Moved in too early? Should have been here much sooner!
  • This was an easy decision!
    Moving out of a home that they owned and have invested both money and sweat equity is never an easy task. Now, complicate that with the chore of downsizing a lifetime of belongings that each carry a special memory or have exceptional monetary value. Next, toss in the overwhelming experience of touring a variety of possible communities and making a decision that will impact the rest of their life. Not easy at all. But is it worth it? Absolutely.
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