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100-year-old Artist is Honored

100-year-old Artist is Honored

Sue Rees is an award-winning Texas sculptor and painter who has been deeply involved in the downtown Corpus Christi arts and museum scene since the 1960’s. Now at 100-years-old, Rees finds that her artwork is leaving a legacy that will live on for many years to come.

Many years ago, The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History commissioned Rees to create life-sized wax sculptures depicting a Karankawa Indian family. She did extensive research to learn about the Karankawa people and depict an authentic scene of family life. After having a prominent place at the museum for many years, the sculptures were put into storage for decades.

This was heartbreaking for Rees at the time. To her delight, the Maritime Museum recently contacted her to let her know that they were going to bring the sculptures out of storage and bring them back to life with a brand new display.  

Rees knew that this was a celebration to share with her fellow residents. After coordinating with the Mirador team, Rees was off to the gala with a bus load of her friends in tow. The group celebrated with their friend and are even planning to return to the museum with an even bigger group of residents at the end of March.

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